Table Thai CE Class in Austin

I had a funny sense of Deja Vu last weekend, walking into Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage in Austin. Hadn’t it only been a year ago that I was on the other side of the classroom, finding my love of Matwork for the first time in Robert Gardner’s Intro to Thai class? And yet here I was, 50 CE hours later, assistant teaching with Robert, and watching 28 faces light up around the room as they experienced the neat little box that had been built for them in massage school and reinforced in the Swedish based massage culture in the US completely explode around them as they found new, efficient, and effective ways to use their bodies to help others.

It was such an excellent experience being able to help others experience that light bulb moment that had to potential to completely change their practice and their potential as therapists. I’m personally looking forward to continuing to mentor local massage therapists as I partner with Robert to bring his Thai Massage Jam event to the San Antonio area, where therapists interested in Matwork can get together in a casual setting to learn, receive, and play!

Thai Massage Jam Austin Webpage

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