2023 Rates and Winter Package Sale

New Fee Schedule for 2023

  • 30 minutes, $65
  • 60 minutes, $125
  • 90 minutes, $185
  • 120 minutes, $250

In addition, the tipping option will be returning to the checkout screen, as many of you have requested a more convenient way of adding gratuity. Tipping is always appreciated but never required and is at your own discretion.

As always, your massage includes warm heated neck pillow and aromatherapy hot foot towels. CBD lotion/muscle gel, cupping, and hot stones are always available upon request for no additional charge.

December Package Sale – 20% off5 pack10 pack
30 minutes ($55/ea regular price)$220$440
60 minutes ($105/ea regular price)$420$840
90 minutes ($160/ea regular price)$640$1280
120 minutes ($210/ea regular price)$840$1680
January Package Sale – 20% off5 pack10 pack
30 minutes ($65/ea regular price)$260$520
60 minutes ($125/ea regular price)$500$1000
90 minutes ($185/ea regular price)$740$1480
120 minutes ($250/ea regular price)$1000$2000

No more packages will be sold after January 31st, 2023! Get them now while they last đŸ™‚

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