Rebranding: Helotes Therapeutic Massage & Movement

As of March 1st, 2022, Return to Life Massage & Movement Therapies is now Helotes Therapeutic Massage & Movement. In addition, we are expanding our menu of services at this time to include Pilates private lessons and virtual Pilates Mat and Mobility classes. We look forward to better serving you as we transition into bigger and better things!

Announcing Ashiatsu and Fijian Massages now available!

I’m pleased to announce my new menu offerings of Ashiatsu and Fijian barefoot massages. In addition, I have opened up package pricing on all my barefoot massage styles. A little bit about these new styles:

  • Ashiatsu massage is performed on the table, with the therapist using their bare feet to glide over the skin with amazing depth and dexterity, keeping myofascial principles in mind. Excellent service for those who love a deep massage but crave more flow than a Thai or Fijian massage.
  • Fijian massage is inspired by the traditional barefoot massage practiced in Fiji. It is similar to Thai massage in that you will remain clothed and lie on a padded Thai mat on the floor, but the emphasis in Fijian is on deep foot compressions and soothing rocking motions, rather than stretching. This massage is excellent for those with hypermobility where a stretch-heavy session is undesirable.

As I’m sure you are aware, barefoot modalities require extensive training and study to understand technique and safety in this unique approach. I have studied over 100 hours of barefoot massage modalities alone, and have every intention of continuing to learn and grow as a barefoot massage therapist with your support and encouragement. If you’re unsure whether barefoot massage is right for you, I’m always happy to discuss which modality will be best considering your unique body.

Business Update: Relocating

I’m so excited to announce that on the week of April 12th I’ll be moving to my new business location in historic Old Town Helotes! I will be sharing space with the wonderful Ann Newstead of AhNew Physical Therapy in her office right next door to B-Daddy’s BBQ, about 4 miles outside Loop 1604 on Old Bandera Rd. This change is going to be great for both myself and you, my valued clients, as the Hill Country setting is much quieter and more peaceful than the bustling salon where I have been located. The address at the new location will be 14418 Old Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX 78023.

Along with this change of venue, I am bringing the pricing on my longer and shorter sessions in line with my hourly rate of $75. My travel fee on outcalls is also going up to a $75 flat fee to cover the travel time and setup. However, I would like you to know that I will be honoring the old prices AND selling gift certificates at the old prices up until April 12th, 2021! If you have any outstanding packages or gift certificates currently, they will be honored at the pricing offered at the time of purchase. Updated pricing is reflected on my website at

So, if you have an appointment booked with me ON or BEFORE April 12th, I will see you at the Salon location with the old pricing. If you have an appointment booked with me AFTER April 12th, I will see you at the new location with the new pricing. Again, thank you for your continued support; as a small business owner it truly means the world to me.  ❤

Watch “Supine Hip Stretches, Sports Massage” on YouTube

This series of stretches is excellent for opening up the hips, groin, and low back to address any pain or tightness in the area.
Music: Flying
Musician: Carl Storm

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Watch “Prenatal Thai Massage with Candace Blanchette” on YouTube

Are you pregnant and starting to feel those aches and pains creeping up on you? Check out this video, wherein I work on a Mama’s neck and shoulders in semi-reclined supine Thai massage style. This video is 1 of 5 in this session. Like and follow my YouTube page for more Thai massage, Pilates, and personal care videos!

Summer Specials

10% off Thai Massage in June!

This month only, take 10% off any Thai Massage session.

Thai massages are performed with the client fully clothed on a traditional floor mat imported from Thailand. Deep compressions, soothing jostling motions, and rejuvenating stretches are applied to find and release tension from the client’s body.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothing to allow for stretching.

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Temporarily Closed for Radiation Treatment

Just a quick announcement: my radiation treatments are destroying the skin of my right arm pit currently, so I will not be taking any massage appointments through July 14th to allow it to heal.

Also, I’ve closed down my office location and am currently only available for outcall service at your home or business location.

Thanks for understanding! #cancersucks