Massage Therapy Services

Pricing below is for all modalities and includes any add-ons such as cupping, CBD lotion, analgesic muscle gel, or aromatherapy as needed or upon request. I offer a simple price for my time regardless of methods used.

  • 30 minutes, $65
  • 60 minutes, $125
  • 90 minutes, $185
  • 120 minutes, $250

Barefoot Massage

Integrative Mat Massage

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This massage is performed with the client fully clothed on a traditional floor mat imported from Thailand. No lotion is applied, rather deep compressions, soothing jostling motions, and rejuvenating stretches are applied to find and release tension. Minimum 1.5 hours is recommended, but shorter sessions are available for more targeted work. Please come dressed in comfortable clothing, as if you were going to a yoga class. (psst…you kind of are!)

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

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Ashiatsu massage is performed on the table, with the therapist using their bare feet to glide over the skin with amazing depth and dexterity, keeping myofascial principles in mind. The perfect service for those who love a deep massage.

Barefoot Yoga Massage

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Combining guided mindfulness meditation, supported restorative yoga poses, and barefoot massage techniques, Barefoot Yoga Massage is a well-rounded 90-minute treatment for total relaxation and restoration of the mind, body, and spirit.

Hands-On Massage

Western variations of massage performed on a regular massage table with lotion, appropriate draping, and intentionally chosen enhancements to increase the therapeutic value of each treatment.

Therapeutic Massage

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Therapeutic deep tissue style massage using light to firm pressure to release areas of built-up muscular tension, alleviating acute or chronic pain patterns. Cupping therapy, hot stones, and/or analgesic muscle gel may be applied during your session as deemed appropriate to enhance results.

Prenatal Massage

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Tailored to the needs of your rapidly changing body, with the intention of supporting expecting parents through the child-bearing year. Appropriate bolstering and positioning will be used for your safety and comfort. Also available as an Integrative Mat style session, if preferred.

On-Site Massage

Custom massage therapy right in your home or business location. Massage chair, table, or Thai mat can be used. Please contact me directly for rates and booking.

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